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Friday, August 3, 2012

I Need A Funny Beer T-Shirt!

Toadily Hammered T Shirt

Many people like to announce it when they're going out to paint the town. One may see shirts with slogans like "Hold my beer while I kiss your girlfriend!" or similar messages. Some may be a little more visually oriented with funnydrug T-shirts featuring safety-sign caricatures of people smoking bongs or eye catching pot leaf designs. Many people wear these shirts for shock value or amusement, not because they actually indulge in the activities mentioned.

Funny drinking tee shirts are an especially popular item. Featuring mottos and pictures designed to amuse, shock, and even offend; these shirts are mandatory stepping out wear from Texas to Alaska and from Florida to Honolulu. Drinkingtees can be found everywhere from the golf course to the mail room to the Strip in Las Vegas. Of course, finding funny beer drinking shirts that match one's unique style and personality is not always an easy task.

The best drinking tees are the ones that combine humor about drinking with pithy observations about life. This may be one reason why funny drinking t-shirts and funny drug t-shirts have become so popular. Wearing one doesn't necessarily mean one endorses a given lifestyle, and to many people this only makes the joke richer. From tequila to whiskey to one's favorite beer, it's easy to find a humorous shirt that makes a statement about one's philosophy on life while also making one appear to be more of a rebel than they actually are.

Funny beer drinking shirts, once dismissed as lowbrow humor at best and the mark of a loser at worst, have now become an accepted part of everyday life in many quarters. It's not uncommon to see the CEO of a major corporation relaxing on the weekend wearing a shirt that celebrates the hard-drinking beer culture, whether he prefers Merlot, Scotch, or is a teetotaler. Many non-drinkers find drinking humor even funnier because they don't drink themselves!

Of course, funny drinking tee shirts are popular at just about every bar, beach, and night spot in North America, and one can be sure that where those shirts are found, a good time is sure to ensue. Everything from ribald teasing to beer pong to the infamous beer bong has been reported to break out over these shirts. In some segments of society, it seems the more extreme the shirt, the greater ones desire to let their hair down and party.

Having funny drinking tee shirts in one's closet has become almost de rigueur for the late night partygoer and the early morning worker alike. While funny drug tee shirts haven't caught on to the same degree, chances are good that their day is coming. The person who doesn't have at least one bong-emblazoned shirt in their wardrobe is missing out on a lot of fun and a great chance to make a statement about themselves!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Have Fun with Beach & Surf T-Shirts

Beach Daytime T Shirt

Nothing is more festive than beach themed t-shirts. Yeah, you expect them on the beach or at the pool. They do belong where one loves to feel the sand between their toes. But let’s face it, nothing says relaxed, fun and good weather like surf t-shirts. They’re brightly colored and attention grabbing.

If you really want your surfing t-shirts to stand out and say something personal about you, consider customized beach themed t-shirts. Children, men, women, anyone can have an image impressed on a tee that will be eye-catching.

These shirts are designed with 100% cotton that comes in a series of sizes and potential colors. They have double needled sleeves and bottom hems, making for a snug fit. You can even choose where you want the graphic placed.

When putting together one of these unique shirts, which make excellent beachthemed gifts, be sure to match up the image with the right shirt. Black text is not going to show up on a black shirt. Nor will a yellow ink design stand out on white or bright colored surf t-shirts. With these guidelines in mind, take advantage of the available selections at the most affordable prices.

For those with a sense of humor, there’s a colorful, artistic blue skull with a flower. Or let someone know how you feel with a message that says you enjoy a good laugh. Everything from ‘Hello Loser’ to ‘Hey You Out of the Gene Pool’ and more can be emblazoned on surfing t-shirts. Walk into the bar and do exactly what you’re supposed to, turn heads. You can be amusing, amorous or plain risqué. Depending on the audience, you might attract the right attention!

For the animal lover, grab some beach theme t-shirts that’ll make ‘em go ‘awwww.’ You can’t go wrong with a kitten. The Internet has proven that kittens are the most important thing in the world even more so than Justin Bieber. Show you’re part of that cute kitten club. If you’re at the beach anyway, going with dolphins or a brilliant depiction of the oceans treasures that would work brilliantly on black surf t-shirts.

There is no limit except your imagination. There is a wide variety of t-shirts out there including: Elvis or Marilyn, inspirational, automobiles and bikes, sports and gaming, Goth and fantasy and of course, beach and surf. A striking tiger appearing to rip from beneath the fabric, leopard butterflies or flat out offensive adult humor; there’s no end to the possibilities.

If there’s a female t-shirt aficionado in your life, give her these beachthemed gifts. There’s distinctive art, clever phrases, party and plain old ‘I know how to have fun’ themes.

Don’t leave the kids out. Toddlers and infants are cute personified. Magnify that with cutesy puppies or saccharin dripping teddy bears.

These distinctive and striking t-shirts will put a smile on anyone’s face. Wear them, reminding everyone it’s a beautiful day and we all should be enjoying it.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Marilyn Monroe T-Shirts

There are a lot of different t-shirts available nowadays, no matter what your interests may be. Everything from t-shirts advertising video games to shirts that have fairly complicated physics equations on the back of them. One type of t-shirt you don't see often enough, however, is Marilyn Monroe t-shirts. It really is a shame, too, as there are plenty of Marilyn Monroe shirts out there, and most are quite nice to look at. Obviously, given that Miss Monroe is arguably the most beautiful woman the film industry has ever made famous.

There are a ton of different styles available, too, so if you're looking for a Marilyn Monroe shirt you're basically guaranteed to find one that's perfect for you. Marilyn Monroe shirts for women, for example, tend to have very artistic pictures of her, everything from neon styles to a modern art look to them. Marilyn Monroe t-shirts men wear, surprisingly, are also rather artistic. This is despite the belief that Marilyn Monroe t-shirts men buy are supposed to be just a black background with the famous picture of her over the air vent while her dress billows. However, they tend to run in a range of styles surprisingly similar to Marilyn Monroe shirts for women, featuring several different artistic variations on the classic "laughing Marilyn" picture.

As befits a woman of her status, beauty, and style, most Marilyn Monroet-shirts tend to be very well made. There are, of course, a few companies that simply churn out cheap iron-on versions of these shirts, but they fall more into the category of the aforementioned air vent picture on a plain black shirt. If you're looking for a shirt with everyone's favorite leading lady, you're probably going to steer clear of these, anyway. This is a good thing, as it's the best way to ensure that you're getting the best possible shirt for your money, something that shows you have taste, both in your choice of stars and in a more obvious aesthetic sense.

There are several places you can get quality shirts featuring Marilyn Monroe and a quick Internet search will take you right where you need to go pretty quickly. It tends to be a bit harder to get them at stores, however. Some places choose not to stock them simply because they believe a shirt with a long dead actress won't sell. Other stores know better, but are out of stock almost immediately after getting shirts in. Realistically, online is probably your best bet for buying a quality Marilyn Monroe shirt.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Skull T-Shirts: The In Fashion

Patriotic Skulls

With the variety of t-shirts out there being limitless, it might be hard to choose a shirt that is in with the times. When it comes to fashion, skull t-shirts will always be in. Skulls are just cool. They have been and always will be. There are many different types of ways to show off skulls. Skull tees are not just scary t-shirts by no means. They have some really cool t-shirts like the skulland flame t-shirts designs. With so many shapes, sizes and colors, there is really no way to go wrong.

The bottom line, skulls have been around forever. They have been involved in contemporary design, art, mythology and even on skull tees. Skulls can represent power and mortality. Skulls sometimes were used in human ceremony and rituals. Skull t-shirts can represent this for a person if desired. This is a way people can stand out in a crowd. The whole idea is to choose a perception on the skull to one's understanding. If a scary t-shirts fit someone's life style, so be it. Scary isn't the only trait on these cool t-shirts.

The skull and flame t-shirts come in many different varieties. From Shapes like clowns to having different colors of flames, almost every skull and flame t-shirt has a different attitude about it. Any kind of design you can imagine can be affiliated with the skull emblem. Having someone's favorite singer or band decked out with skulls, also rocking some flames with design doesn't get any better.

Not only do the skulls have variations, but the t-shirts do as well. Each expression represents itself differently on various t-shirts. A skull might reflect a whole different attitude when displayed on a different style of t-shirt. From cut off tees, wearing v necks, to the regular style of tee, there is no limit.

So when it comes to skull tees, the fashion is limitless when it comes to options. From scary t-shirts to cool t-shirts, a skull is a good choice of an option to have. Just the fact that a skull can have so many meanings, makes it a desirable attribute to add to a shirt. It could either be scary or sinister or it could make it awesome and main stream. Regardless, it is the apparel that will be around forever. This is a just a few reasons of why skulls are a part of everyday culture.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Adding Wildlife T-Shirts to Your Wardrobe To Support Animal and Environmental Progress

Rip Out - Wolf T Shirt

There is nothing in the world quite as majestic as our diverse and beautiful wildlife. Animal t-shirts can be worn to support environmental beliefs or to show off your favorite members of the wildlife kingdom. Shirts are a great way to incorporate the beauty of nature into your wardrobe. If you're like many people who enjoy graphic tees, then don't forget about our world's wonderful animals when you add a new shirt to your collection.

Adding The Ocean To Your Closet Without Getting Wet

An often overlooked area of wildlife, is our world's oceanic animals. Many wildlife t-shirts are available now that feature our friends under the sea. Oil spills and hazardous conditions in coastal regions have affected our oceanic wildlife to a great degree. Animal t-shirts featuring dolphins, whales or even sharks are a perfect way to bring the ocean and its creatures into your closet. It's also a great way to spread awareness of our most unknown animal habitat in the world. The ocean is home to many creatures that we know very little about. After more research, new designs may be made available that feature entirely new oceanic species. Whether you want to spread environmental awareness or promote research about our world's oceans, wildlife t-shirts featuring sea creatures can make the deep blue statement you're after.

Support Wildlife and Be A Patriot at The Same Time

No other animal in the wildlife kingdom says "American" like the Bald Eagle. Many t-shirts feature this majestic bird in its natural beauty or with a flag to show its patriotic symbolism. The Bald Eagle is a protected species and many people never get a good glimpse of this bird in the wild. Depending on your location, graphic tees may be the only way you'll ever get to see the American Bald Eagle on a regular basis. If you want to show your love for your country or help protect this species, animal t-shirts featuring the bird of America might be exactly what you need.

Bears Have Fur, But Humans Still Need Winter Wear

Graphic tees that feature Bears are popular among many people. If you live in a region known for bears, you may want to buy animal long sleeve t-shirts. Bears live in many regions, but most dwell in cooler climates because of their thick dense coats. Without the fur of a bear, animal long sleeve t-shirts can help people stay warm while they're out fishing for salmon or just raiding the fridge. Bears may have the luxury of fur, but their habitat is diminishing more every day. Animal long sleeve t-shirts featuring bears are a way to bundle up and promote awareness of these powerful creatures.

Wildlife t-shirts are available now in a wide variety of styles in short and long sleeve t-shirts. They can add natural style to your wardrobe, help promote education about wildlife and even bring attention to environmental concerns that our world's wildlife face. Remember our wildlife when you're shopping for your next shirt.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Speak Volumes With Fashion

Viking Skull with Ax T-shirt

Fantasy, gothic, sci-fi, whatever one's pleasure is, they are sure to make a statement about their interests. When one wants to make a great first impression without speaking a word, they can do so in comfort while still being stylish. The solution to ultimate comfort while still being fashionable is to wear something that sets one apart, while showcasing their unique personality, and creative fashion sense. This can be achieved by wearing comfortable, unique, crazy t-shirts. Whatever one's preference, whether it be gothic t-shirts, fantasy t-shirts, black t-shirts or crazy t-shirts, one can make a statement that demonstrates an imaginative, creative side without ever even uttering a word. Now that's a way to show others one's truly unique personality.

When it comes to fashion, what one wears can speak volumes about who they are as a person. Maybe someone has an inner passion for all things surrounding the fantasy realm. Why not wear fantasy t-shirts to show others their secret passion for fairies, warriors, or whatever is locked up in their inner fantasy desires. Maybe the thought of all things gothic gets one's heart pumping? Then they should make a statement by wearing comfortable, but fashionable gothic t-shirts! Wearing gothic t-shirts is a great way to say, "This is who I am and this is what I am about," without ever having to physically verbalize it! In fact, the same can be said of black t-shirts. One can choose to wear black t-shirts and show others their unique fashion sense, all while making a unique statement!

Who would have thought that one can make such a clear statement about their inner most passions, without ever having to speak a word? It's as simple as one finding a unique, creative t-shirt that will do all the talking for them. Not only does wearing a unique t-shirt allow for someone to show their fashion sense, but it also is the perfect conversation starter. Others will want to know more about the t-shirt and ultimately more about the person wearing the t-shirt. One can just imagine the conversations that may develop, and all because of choosing the right t-shirts! Conversations such as, "Cool shirt...where did you get it?" will be commonplace.  It doesn't get any easier than that to show others one's personality and uniqueness. So, if you want to make the ultimate fashion statement, you should choose a t-shirt and start speaking through fashion!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting The Perfect T-Shirt

Angel Wings T-shirt
Every lady loves to be able to dress in comfortable clothing and ladies t-shirts are some of the most comfortable shirts that you can find. They go great with your favorite pair of jeans as well as your shorts. You might also choose to wear ladies t-shirts with khaki or a denim skirt. Choosing cute t-shirts will not only provide you comfort, but it'll also provide you with the latest style.

Perhaps you'd like to find a t-shirt that lets everyone know that you love playing softball and that you're a softball diva, or that you are a dance princess. You'll be able to find the best styles and selections of your favorite t-shirts that express your feelings or hobbies clearly.

Being able to find lady t-shirts and women shirts is going to prove to be an easy task. You might choose from ladies short sleeve t-shirts or ladies longsleeve shirts depending on the weather outside. No matter which type you choose, you'll look great. Maybe you just want a t-shirt that has a beautiful butterfly on the front, you might choose a butterfly with a leopard pattern or you might choose a butterfly that is made of pink smiley faces and flowers.

You'll love finding women’s shirts that offer you just the right saying on the front or just the right picture to satisfy your fashion taste. You can choose from several love shirts that simply have love written across the front put each with different details. You might like to choose from the gold foil selection that offers things like an angelfish, a seashell, a large margarita glass or even an iguana on the front, it may be the perfect choice for you to wear to your after work gathering. The anchors and flowers gold foil t-shirt will be perfect for your day on the beach or at the boat club.

If you're into hearts, you can choose from a large variety of t-shirts with hearts. You might choose from several ladies long sleeve shirts that have hearts with wings on each side of the heart or you might choose the heart that has puppy love written on it. You may even prefer the shirt that has red roses and wings with “Hottie” written across the front.

With so many great choices to choose from, you'll be able to choose the perfect shirt to satisfy your style and complement your best pair of jeans. Everyone will love the choices that you make when you purchase your beautiful new shirts.